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Company Profile

“SRS Advisory Private Limited”, has always starved to serve relentlessly to the benefit of the financial industry in Kolkata and various parts of West Bengal, Bihar, Odisha, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Assam and other north east states including Andaman & Nicobar Island.

It has rendered its unparallel services in successfully managing Sales, Verifications, Pick-ups, Retaining Customers and Debt Recovery etc. for and on behalf of the leading multinationals spread across the North East States of India since the last decade.

SRS Advisory Private Limited, the pioneer in Debt Management was
founded in November 1996. Over the years, the company has achieved
its predetermined goals with robust recovery plans, developed by its
stakeholders to adapt to the ever-changing socio-economic environment.

SRS is now among the largest privately owned recovery agency in the
East India, having it’s offices at different locations spreading across 12
states. Our company operates with the state of the art technology, in
compliance with all our valued clients that includes Banks, NBFCs and
other Fintech companies.

Serving Our Clients For Over 22 Years

Our main office is located in Kolkata and we have over 30 branch offices spread across Eastern India. Besides 15 branch offices in West Bengal, other branches are located in Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Odisha, Assam, Manipur, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh and Andaman & Nicobar Island.

Our Vision

Our vision is to emphasize on our integrity in the highly competitive atmosphere and to be innovative but dominant on field. We promise to provide – SERVICE BEYOND THE CALL OF DUTY.

Our Strength

We have expertise in understanding the needs of the customers and providing them solutions considering long-term association with the organizations.

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